4 Couple’s bedroom wall decor ideas to brighten your room

You’ve finally finished furnishing your dream house with all the priceless items that make your days brighter. All that’s left is a huge wall that is looking at you expressionlessly in your main bedroom where you imagine yourself peacefully unwinding or falling asleep with your partner as incentive while you slog through the arduous workday. However, we have you covered! Something new can begin on an empty wall. Since your main bedroom serves as your haven, you might spend the majority of your time there beautifying and polishing it.

Here, we bring you 4 bedroom wall décor ideas to bring in the X-factor that the room has been missing. 

1. Statement art

A piece of statement art adds splashes of colour to a white, empty wall. It is an excellent option for couples who want to make a dramatic statement while keeping their decor and accessories more simple because it adds intrigue and changes the vibe of a room without clogging the area with too many different items.

Gallery wall

2. Gallery wall

Who wouldn’t want to live among their treasured memories? A photograph freezes time so you may repeatedly experience your unique moment, whether it be your child’s first steps or your first kiss with your better half. Create an art gallery display on your wall to obtain the same effect. You’ll see your complete decor scheme come together in harmony if you add a touch of you and your partner’s personality to your bedroom.

3. Select a half mural

Custom-designed or painted murals for walls are also options. Consider a half-mural if a whole mural behind your bed seems a touch over the top. It can be started from above the picture rail so that the base has an area of solid colour. Take advantage of the current trend for big, blousy designs by picking one that will brighten your space.

neon sign

4. Illuminate it with signage

Are you looking for a way to give the wall in your bedroom a quirky, artistic touch? Neon lights might therefore be something to think about. This is also a fairly simple approach to give your bedroom a fresh look. This kind of bedroom lighting ideas will make your

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