8 Different Types Of Chairs You Must Know About As An Interior Designer

Everybody dreams of a beautifully furnished house. Some of the furniture is an absolute necessity, and some are an addition to the aesthetics. Contemporary designers have popularized the use of different types of chairs in the house and workplace. These chairs are not only a comfort to the tired body but also appeasing to the eyes.

Here are eight different types of chairs that you can use to decorate or design a house, workplace, cafe, restaurant, bars, etc. You can also get valuable insights on the use of these chairs that will help to decide the ones perfect for your client’s project.

  1 .Wingback Chair

These are the tall back chairs with extra comfortable and stylish side panels. These chairs are made up of wood and styled with sponge comfort. The special and the most attractive feature of the wingback chair is its high back with a fleek design. This chair can be a perfect fit for the drawing-room, additional toolid, or a resting space beside large bookshelves.

  2. Womb Chair

These chairs are surrounded with soft cushions on the sitting area, back resting, and side panels creating a comfy envelope around the person sitting just like a mother’s womb envelopes the baby. These chairs are stylish as well as comfortable that can be placed in the drawing-room or corridors.

  3. Tulip Chair

The tulip chair is a sharp and stylish chair that is supported to stand one leg. This extremely gorgeous chair has a mini back and low height (customizable). There are no side arms or soft sponge back. The sitting area has a thinly padded sponge offering comfort. This chair is perfect for themed cafes or small aesthetic offices.

  4. Egg Chair

Egg chair is another incredibly stylish chair that slightly looks like an egg. The bulged-out back gives it a comfortable essence that can be felt only by the person sitting on it. The chair also has side arms to rest the hands. 

  5. Windsor Chair

These chairs are simple-looking but highly aesthetic when used or placed in the right place. The chair comes with a barred back with a dome-like shape. There are no side arms or soft sponge pads. The chair can be effectively placed in themed cafes or photography studios.

  6. Armchair

Armchairs are totally sponge padded chairs resembling a sofa. It has a very comfortable back and sitting area with sleek arm panels. This is geometric in shape, making it an excellent fit for study areas or elegant restaurants. 

  7. Ladderback Chair

The ladder back chairs are simple wooden chairs that have no sponges pads. The back support is designed using horizontal wood sticks resembling a ladder. There are side panels to rest the arms. This is a brilliant chair to pair with a study table.

  8. Chesterfield Chair

These are the ultimate royal chairs. It is totally padded with a soft sponge with creative button designs. These chairs are a perfect fit for casinos, 5-star eateries, and traditional dramatic aesthetics.

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