‘A Goldilocks situation’: Woman wakes up to stranger sleeping in her living room

DENVER (KDVR) — It was far from the type of morning Chloe Riggs had planned for, after getting a text from her new roommate, asking who the woman was found sleeping behind their couch.

Riggs left her bedroom and walked into the living room to find a strange woman passed out, using her yoga mats as covers.

“At that point she was still sleeping and I didn’t know if she’s still on drugs, going through withdrawal, if she’s drunk or has a mental illness. All I knew is there was a stranger in my house,” Riggs told FOX31 on Wednesday.

Rigg’s told her roommate, Jorge, she didn’t know the woman and immediately called police.

“This isn’t my first encounter with Denver homeless, but it is my first encounter with someone actually getting into my house,” said Riggs, frustrated.

Once police arrived, Riggs and her roommates began assessing their home. They discovered the woman likely walked in through an unlocked door and spent hours walking around inside. Their fridge was rummaged through. The woman ate their food and finished off several drinks. Riggs remembered the sound of her bedroom door opening and then suddenly closing, later realizing it was likely the stranger.

Riggs found the strange woman using her yoga mats as covers and sofa cushions as pillows.
They tried waking her but got no response.

“All the lights were on in all the rooms. She had turned on the light to my sewing machine, then around 5 a.m. she opened my bedroom door and said ‘sorry,’” Riggs explained. “Then she went into the bathroom and peed in my shower leaving footprints everywhere.”

With four people living inside the house, the tenants likely assumed the late-night rummager was just one of their roommates.

Police arrived after the tenants called 911, but the woman wasn’t charged and was able to walk away without penalty.
Photo: Jorge Pena.

“There is four people moving around in this house. It’s an old house and you hear a lot of stuff and people assume it was another roommate. We are all trying to figure it out and she snuck through the cracks I guess,” Riggs said.

Riggs and her roommate vowed to be more careful and ensure nobody comes home again without locking the doors. After police interviewed the woman on the front porch, the roommates decided to not press charges and let her go free, seeing the experience as a learning lesson. They’re just thankful nothing serious was stolen and nobody was hurt.

“But, everything feels tainted and not safe, I feel like I need to take some time to get that going again,” said Riggs.