Amp Up Your Kitchen Space With DIY Decor Ideas During Lockdown

It’s never too late to spruce up your kitchen with some fabulous decor ideas. A well-set kitchen looks nice and subtle with some stunning elements. With another wave of COVID-19, we are back to square one and staying indoors. With a good amount of time at hand, why not make the best use of it? Give a quick and stylish upgrade to your kitchen with some DIY decor hacks that are a must to try. From creating your own potholders to putting up a menu board, try out the best of ideas to amp up your kitchen. To help you out with it, we have listed a few ideas that are super easy to create at home.

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DIY Menu Board

“What’s for dinner”, a question that we all love to ask. A menu board will add a stylish edge to your kitchen. For this DIY, all you need is a vertical chalkboard decorated in a minimal way on the edges and you have your menu board set! You can chalk out the menu that you want to put up for the day.


Menu Board

Floating Shelf

A kitchen is a very important space of our home and decorating with the right elements is also very essential. Hanging planters are an excellent way to bring plants into your home. For a floating shelf, all you need is some cute plant pots, a rope and a wooden circular board. Hang the rope from a decent height and attach the circular board at the end of the rope to maintain a balance and then place the pots on the board.

Paint Wooden Spoons

Painting some wooden cutlery will add a vibrant edge to your kitchen. Add some pop of colour to your wooden spoons by painting them. With pastel colours ruling the roost, go for one shade of pastel colour and try painting your wooden spoons within that. Take a spoon and paint half or less of the handle of the spoon for a mix-and-match touch.


Painted Wooden Spoons

Create your Own Potholders

Crochet potholders look subtle and add an extra flair to your pretty space. Don’t go for too long a piece. All you need is to put your crocheting skills to use to create some beautiful designs for your kitchen. Decorate it with sleek borders and pretty patches or even floral work.

Create Funky Decor

If you are someone who loves vibrant and peppy designs, why not create some for your kitchen. Small cardboard creatives to put up in your kitchen is the best way to add some colour pop to it. All you need is a wooden cardboard and your painting skills to deck up your kitchen. Choose a size as per your preference and paint it or add a graphic design, whatever you want.

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