‘Bachelor’ couple launch HSN outdoor home collection

Home is where the heart is, and these “Bachelor” alums are ready to help you fall in love… with your outdoor space.

Although “The Bachelorette” season came to a finale on August 9, there’s still plenty of “Bachelor” tea to spill. Preferably, outside, as one of the fandom’s favorite couples, Chris and Peyton Lambton, recently launched their new outdoor home collection with HSN.

Chris, who was on sixth season of “The Bachelorette” featuring Ali Fedotowsky, met his wife of nine years through a mutual friend on “Bachelor Pad,” the first spinoff the franchise had. Peyton was on the tenth season of “The Bachelor,” starring Andy Baldwin as the male suitor.

“I came in second place on “The Bachelorette” and was traveling to North Carolina for a fundraiser. They were trying to get me to be the next Bachelor,” Chris, 43, told The Post. “My friend, who was on “The Bachelor” with me, was also on “Bachelor Pad” with Peyton. He said that I had to meet this girl, Peyton. And, she ended up being in a nearby town for her mom’s birthday that weekend, so she drove out.” 

Peyton, 38, said it was a “stars-aligned moment,” since she was living in Texas at the time. “Nine months later, we were engaged,” she told The Post. “I’m an avid watcher of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” and it’s so different from when I was on it. Now, the motivation for the show leans more toward entertainment than matchmaking.”

Pictured: Peyton and Chris Lambton. Photography courtesy of Laura Coppleman Photography.

Since their period of time flaunting red roses and going on elaborate helicopter dates (the hallmark of any Bachelor season), they’ve starred in several HGTV shows, including “Going Yard,” which they co-hosted and transformed backyards together in their hometown of Cape Cod.

“We did two seasons of ‘Going Yard’ on the Cape, and it was great to work with families in our community,” Peyton said. “Sometimes, people overextend themselves inside and don’t know how to decorate and create their space outside, so we helped them achieve a functional space.”

What’s more, Chris has also starred on “Yard Crashers,” and “Lawn & Order” before his current role on “Clipped,” where he’s a judge alongside Martha Stewart.

Chris and Peyton Lambton
Pictured: Chris and Peyton Lambton. Photography courtesy of Chris and Peyton Lambton.

Now, the couple is onto their new project: a home collaboration with HSN — an effort to inspire homeowners (and renters, too) to spruce up their outdoor space.

With Chris owning a landscaping business and Peyton driving her interior design company, this collection is sure to have you adding fun and practical pieces to your shopping cart.

“It was a joint effort between us and HSN,” Peyton shared. “We are in a space they wanted to expand upon, so with our expertise working in backyards and transforming spaces, we wanted to create a collection that’s usable, functional and something anyone can appreciate in their backyard.”

Ahead, find all of the products in Chris and Peyton’s HSN collection. They explained how each hand-designed product is unique, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing in any grass-and-shrub-lined yard.

Chris & Peyton Large Lantern with LED Candles and Remote

“The lanterns are one of my favorite decorating pieces for inside or outside,” Peyton said. “Especially for fall decorating, sprinkling these around on the front steps near your pumpkins and hay bales is great. They come with a remote control for convenience too.”

And, Chris loves that these are kid-safe. “The last thing you want is to light a candle with them nearby,” he adds. “We used to use real candles outside and the sun would melt them right away. The great thing about it is that it flickers without making the mess of a real candle.”

Shop the medium-sized lantern ($49.95) for another addition to your backyard.

Chris & Peyton 34.25" Cement LED Fountain with Planter

“For a lot of my HGTV shows, I would always include a fountain outside,” Chris said. “The sound of water drowns out noises of kids or dogs and it fits perfectly in a small backyard.”

Plus, the Lambtons have parsley and rosemary on top of theirs to create a little herb garden at their fingertips. “The water, mixed with the herbs, adds a nice finishing touch to any outdoor area,” he adds.

Chris & Peyton by Design 29.5" Fire Pit

“I love burning wood, especially for s’mores with the kids this past weekend when my brother was visiting,” Chris said. “The fire pit is easy to move around, lightweight, durable and has a kid-safe screen to mitigate large sparks.”

Chris & Peyton Solar-Powered LED Umbrella

“I’m 6’3″, and I hate walking into someone’s patio and getting hit by the edges of an umbrella,” Chris said. “Ours has angle mechanisms to provide even more sun in the hot afternoon, which is great for having a cocktail outside.”

And, it lights up. “There’s an LED charging panel that sits right on top of the umbrella, so it’s charging by the sun all day long, Peyton adds. “When the sun goes down, you flip a switch and it’s lined with LED lights on the inside. It’s a good, sturdy umbrella, too, which is important to me; I’ve gone through so many flimsy umbrellas that fell apart with the wind.”

The umbrella comes in brick red and stone taupe colors, too. Purchase their umbrella base ($49.95) here.

Chris & Peyton Woven Indoor/Outdoor Reversible Rug

“We included three sizes of the indoor/outdoor rug because, depending on your space and where you want to entertain, you can choose the one best for you,” Peyton said. “The small size is great for an entrance to your porch and the large one is even good for sliding underneath your dining table.”

In their collection, you can also grab a medium-sized rug ($59.95) for that in-between option. All sizes come in a beautiful blue color, too.

Chris & Peyton 100% Cotton Picnic Blanket with Carry Strap

“The blanket is 60×80 and the carrying case is great for on-the-go beach or park trips with kids,” Peyton said. “It’s soft for wrapping around you in the evening, too, so it’s a really nice choice.”

Chris & Peyton Outdoor Pillows (2-Pack)

“The pillows are a good size for a lounge chair, dining chair or even putting on an outdoor rug,” Peyton said. “They’re a good size, are nice and soft and great for picnics.”

Chris loves the pillows for outdoor movies nights with their 2-year-old son, Hayes, and 4-year-old daughter, Lyla. “The kids love lying down on them, relaxing and tuning into their favorite movie,” he adds.

Chris & Peyton 2-Tier 29.6" Decorative Stand

“The decorative stand is so versatile because you can use it to store firewood next to your firepit,” Peyton said. Chris, uniquely, likes to use the stand as a “mini herb garden that moves around the yard,” where he stores clay pots and can shift the lightweight unit if the kids are playing.

Aside from brick red, the stand also comes in black.

Chris & Peyton 25 LED Solar String Lights

String lights are so great and these are solar, so you don’t have to worry about an outlet,” Peyton said. “It adds a nice ambiance for a backyard party and are so easy to use.”

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