Coffee grounds are useful in gardening

My primary use for coffee grounds typically starts and stops after their role in helping me shrug off sleepiness with my morning cup of coffee. However, I’ve recently been introduced to their incredible benefits in the garden.  

Reusing coffee grounds in your garden can increase soil fertility and reduce the amount of garbage in your bin each morning. 

You can use coffee grounds to mulch or compost. To employ the used coffee grounds as mulch, you should put down a half-inch in your garden bed, but then cover it with another layer of mulch like pine bark or straw. This will keep the coffee grounds from forming too much of a compacted tight layer, and allow them to integrate into the beds. 

If you are a coffee drinker and a composter, you’re in luck, as coffee grounds work well in compost piles. When you place the grounds in with other composting materials, they will continue to break down into rich compost, perfect for enhancing your garden soil.