Contribution of Nan Chul Shin to Entire Youth

A Humble Beginning

Shin’s rise from a common human being to becoming a celebrity in Hawaii was not an easy one. When he relocated out of Hawaii to the US and other relatives, Nan Shin, Owner of Nan Inc was forced to reside in the same room as his siblings. While he was in New York, he earned a soccer scholarship at Bowling Green State University, which allowed him to obtain a degree in business administration at the same institution.

Shin’s first venture was to create a name for him in the business world. Following his graduation, he helped his brother set up a company that handled seafood that had over 100 customers within one year. However, the industry of fish is not the most stable. Shin has been through business trials, especially in a city like New York, when restaurants did not pay back the money to his company. 

Let there be change!

The business of the company was not running smoothly. Shin could not find work since he recently moved to Hawaii with no connection to anyone. “When I started the business, there was no one offering me jobs since I’m not from this area. It was all on the side of my head,” Shin said. Shin. Before creating Ocean House Builders, Shin remembers that one of the first significant profits he made from his solo business was winning an invitation to wash a house to a very high standard on Waialae Iki. The offer was an insurance policy because the new construction that was taking place at the site had covered up the interior of the home with dirt. Shin removed tiles and then scoured the walls. He was paid $4,000. “That was big, especially considering my rent was $300 a month.”

At the beginning of Ocean House Builders, Shin and his team of about a dozen working from an office on Moowaa Street looked for work everywhere they could. They were unaware of the existence of a company when they first started. These were only the highlights. Nan Inc has a long list of projects under its name, which have earned its recognition across the country.

Who is the owner of Nan Inc?

In addition to being a well-known Hawaii general contractor and Nan Shin, Owner of Nan Inc, Patrick Nan Shin is also a charity donor. He believes in giving back to the community and has been assisting numerous charities. His charitable work is visible on Hawaii Pacific University, Kapi’olani Hospital, Cambodia Service Project, and many locations outside of Hawaii. Patrick Nan Shin is not only a Hawaii General Contractor but also a heart-throb winner!