Denali Home Design store, vendor hub opens in North Topeka, Kansas

What started as an effort to find a permanent storefront for a 22-year-old Topeka business has turned into a new locally owned home improvement and design store in North Topeka.

A few years ago, Chris Schaefer, owner of Skilled Saws Hardwood Flooring, decided he needed a permanent storefront for his business, which had primarily been operating out of his home.

When his business partner Randy Matzke came on board around that same time, they started looking for a place. And in late 2019, they wound up purchasing the building and half acre of land at 2335 N.W. Clay St., in between North Star Steakhouse and the North Topeka Dillons store.

“It used to be an old bar,” Matzke said of the structure, which was built around 1930. “When we look at the final product, it truly is the vision we had for this building.”

A building that originally served as a gas station and was later converted into a bar, is now the home of Denali Home Design, a new home-improvement store in North Topeka.

That building is now Denali Home Design, which not only houses Skilled Saws Hardwood Flooring but serves as a hub for a handful of other home-improvement services and products.

The idea to open Denali Home Design came about while Matzke and Schaefer were remodeling their newly purchased storefront.

“I was getting a little discouraged going to houses day in and day out,” Schaefer said, “and they’re asking: ‘Hey do you know anybody who can do a deck? Do you know anybody who can fix my roof? Do you know anybody who can put cabinets in?'”