Expert advice for small kitchens

Taking expert advice for small kitchens means you won’t have to shy away from good design just because space is tight, in fact it’s quite the opposite. While of course certain elements are a given – cooking facilities, a fridge, some kind of storage – each of the small kitchen ideas you follow and each layout decision you make, as well as how the space looks and feels, will impact your routine and mealtimes on a daily basis. The smaller the kitchen, the more important every centimeter becomes (think of it as a challenge) – this is a room that needs and deserves design consideration. We ask interior designers how to tackle a compact kitchen and how to make the most of even the most minute space.

If your kitchen’s on the tiny side, no need to fear – all is not lost. ‘Having a small kitchen isn’t always a bad thing because it’s easier to move around,’ says interior designer Beata Heuman. ‘Sometimes really big kitchens are harder to use – great big islands between the cooker and the sink can actually be a bit obstructive, and often smaller kitchens can be more useful, especially if one person usually cooks.’