Family Recovers from COVID Trauma with Mom’s Massive Floor-to-Ceiling Photo Montage in Living Room

The mural on Louise Whapshott’s living room wall. – SWNS

An English mom has turned her entire living room wall into a photo montage to remind her family of happier times in a bid to help them cope with COVID trauma.

Louise Whapshott, 46, wanted to celebrate decades of special memories the family made together before the pandemic to remind them all better days are coming, and spent six hours covering an entire wall of her East Hampshire home with 700 black and white photos of special memories.

She and her family had a tough time during the pandemic. Her 49-year-old husband Martin ended up in the ICU from the virus back in April 2020, while his father Jim died at age 77 after catching it in his care home the same month.

Her teenage children Corbin and Eva both still suffer with long COVID and chronic fatigue since catching the virus at school in late 2020.

“I am always capturing our fun times on camera and COVID has reminded us of how short life can be and how quickly it can change,” said Whapshott, a mental healthcare worker. “I wanted to remind ourselves of all the amazing things we have done and look forward to making more memories.”

Louise and her husband Martin – SWNS

Whapshott said she had been planning the activity for months, and after getting all of the photos printed, she organized them into categories for each member of the family, plus one for Jim, one for friends and holidays, and plus another for the dogs and cats.

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“We have too many good memories to be locked in a phone or computer,” she added. “It took two evenings of pasting, so around six hours. My daughter pasted and I stuck.”

“I love my photo wall and now I get to look at all these lovely, happy memories that make me chuckle. Life isn’t quite normal for us at the moment with the kids but I am loving laughing about all the random memories we have made so far.”

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Family Recovers from COVID Trauma with Mom’s Massive Floor-to-Ceiling Photo Montage in Living Room