How architect Talor Stewart’s book Conscious Home Design is helping homeowners shape their future

Whether renovating or building new, homeowners are choosing Conscious Home Design to guide their project.

There is a paradigm shift happening in home design and construction. The new post-Covid marketplace asks for more than what the “old world” designs ​offer. Homeowners expect more from their homes, such as increased functionality, reduced maintenance, and smarter use of space; a home that maximizes a sense of personal freedom and privacy, that at the same time can foster greater family connection.

One architect is helping to define this new way of life. Talor Stewart, architect and author of Conscious Home Design offers a practical approach to shaping the home around people’s individual lifestyles and personalities.

Just as good food, rest, and positive relationships are essential components of a happy, successful life, so too is effective home design. From childhood through old age, people spend about half their lives inside the home.

In the same way that a tree root can move a concrete sidewalk over time, buildings also apply a slow, constant pressure on those who occupy them. A smart, uplifting home design is supportive and beneficial. Conscious Home Design explores ways to enhance life, supporting people 24/7.

For example, properly designed homes are easier to keep clean, and can provide better life/work balance. When a home is designed well for the size and lifestyle of a family, everyone (and everything) has a place. This leads to less clutter, less frustration, and less arguments about sharing space or putting things away. By removing potential sources of friction, opportunities open up for more ease and grace in day to day life.

Conscious Home Design is about using architecture to create more peace and flow in the lives of those who experience it. From that place of calmness people may more easily achieve their noble hopes, dreams, and bright ambitions. Talor’s hope? That Conscious Home Design will help more people live happily ever after.

The Conscious Home Design principles can be applied to new and existing homes of every size and style, from cottage to castle. Talor Stewart, architect and Conscious Home Design, Inc. offer design consultations and services throughout the United States, from California to Vermont.

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