How to design a small kitchen floorplan

Knowing how to design a kitchen floor plan is the backbone of creating any new space, and it takes on a special importance in all small kitchen ideas which need to start from knowing that room is at a premium and usability is vital. Get it right, and you’ll be clambering to cook every night, dinner parties will be stress free and the kitchen – however petite – will truly be the heart of the home. Get it wrong, and you may find yourself relying on food delivery services. We ask the experts for their input so the latter can be easily avoided.

Why you should make a floor plan for a small kitchen 

Naked Kitchens How to design a small kitchen floorplan

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Just because the space is small, it doesn’t mean you should do away with traditional design formalities such as the floor plan – in fact the smaller the floorspace, the more vital it is to look at small kitchen layout ideas and make the best of every square millimeter. It may seem like a bit of a faff, but trust us, it’ll make a world of difference to your new kitchen, affecting how you move between appliances, prepare food and plate up, and transition from cooking to cleaning.