How to improve the quality, look of your yard

Man cutting the grass with lawn mower

Some of us live for the ultimate lawn — that perfect, emerald carpet of weed-free blissfulness. You sharpen your mower blades twice a week. You precision trim the path and drive edges with a toenail clipper. And you proudly take neighborhood barbeque attendees on barefoot walks over your agronomic kingdom.

Others maintain what I refer to as MGS. In polite company, that stands for Mowed Green Stuff. This portion of the homeowner population looks at the lawn as little more than the thing that provides the necessary space to temporarily pile weeds, sticks and other debris when they’re working on the “real” part of the garden. Such folks see the lawn as the thing you walk on to get to the good stuff.

To each their own — but regardless of which camp makes you feel most at home, there are a number of no-brainers that can minimize labor time and improve the quality of your lawn, especially as we head into the fall season.