HUKAYA Home design app makes visualizing spaces easy

Make that reading nook you’ve had in mind come to life with this cool home-design app. This easy-to-use platform gives you 2D and 3D plans of your ideas so you can see exactly what you’re working towards. This results in fewer mishaps (like clashing patterns) and, ultimately, cost savings. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about this useful new app.

Design a modern, light-filled kitchen with the HUKAYA Home web-based design platform. This new home-design app lets you visualize changes you want to make to your house and other spaces, find an architect or engineer, and get an inventory in just minutes. If you’ve ever designed a new home or revamped an existing one, you know that the process can be slow and error-prone. Luckily, HUKAYA Home provides you with 3D interior and exterior designs so you can have an image to consult.

HUKAYA Home web-based design platform
HUKAYA Home with a user

You researched that light fixture for your dining room for at least a few weeks. But now that it’s hanging above your table, you realize that it’s too small for the space. “Well, there goes half a grand,” you think as you wonder if you should have consulted a designer.

HUKAYA Home web-based design platform
HUKAYA Home on a desk

Unfortunately, if you didn’t study architecture or interior design, this is a common story. And, while designers can help, many people like to be personally involved with picking and choosing decorative elements of their homes and outdoor spaces. This is exactly where a home-design app like HUKAYA Home can help. Let’s see what it has to offer.

HUKAYA Home web-based design platform
HUKAYA Home with a kitchen design

Create floor plans and 3D designs in just a few clicks

If you want to, say, create a new bedroom layout, you can see exactly what it will look like in just a few clicks using this app. The platform provides you with floor plans and 3D images of them. This allows you to visualize your ideas before you make any big decisions, which is invaluable when it comes to selecting costly materials like paint, flooring, and fabrics. When you have a scaled, 3D model of the room you’re trying to reimagine in front of you, you’ll totally be able to tell if that yellow sofa is going to look good with that green armchair.

HUKAYA Home in a video

Get an inventory list and cost estimate

Another hangup with DIY designing is that estimating the costs can be tricky. You’ll have to do your own research and compare many different products to develop a good assessment. But, with HUKAYA Home, you’ll get an accurate cost estimate in about five minutes. This helps you plan your budget and can even save you money.

Can you imagine getting a list of the items you want to buy for your home renovation in just a few minutes using a web-based design app? What once would’ve taken you at least a few days’ worth of work now takes minutes.

HUKAYA Home web-based design platform
HUKAYA Home on a laptop

Connect with architects and engineers

Depending on your project, you may need to consult with an expert, especially if you plan on making any structural changes to an existing building. This new home-design app can help with that, too. It gets you in contact with a suitable architect or engineer who can help. This makes communication between you and the experts simple and saves you time. So you won’t have to sift through all the professionals in your area and their qualifications, which eliminates another couple of days’ worth of work.

HUKAYA Home web-based design platform
HUKAYA Home in use

Create your dream space from the comfort of your home

It’s a hassle having to drive to a designer’s office twice a week to compare ideas about your new kitchen and the kitchen gadgets you should buy. Or, worse, you might even have to host them in your house for an hour each week.

With HUKAYA Home, you can design that kitchen right in your bedroom if you want to. And you can design at any hour of the day or night since the software is always ready for you. You have a busy life, and this home-design app works around your schedule.

Visualize any space with this design app

But you might not always want to design interior spaces. If you’re planning a wedding at an outdoor venue or want to redesign your garden, this home-design app can help with those too. In fact, according to the company’s Indiegogo page, there are no limitations to the spaces you can design. So corporate events, patios, and rooftop gardens are all fair game with this cool design app.

Use this web-based design program no matter your expertise

No, you won’t need any architectural or design expertise to use HUKAYA Home. The platform caters to all kinds of users from those with no architectural background to professionals like architects, engineers, and designers. Depending on the account you select, this app will fulfill your needs.

Save time and money with this design platform

The potential to save money on your design project is huge when you use this home design platform. HUKAYA Home lets you create a design in minutes, connects you with suitable professionals, and helps you plan your expenses. Doing all this alone is time-consuming and certainly isn’t foolproof. Tech already helps you stay healthy, so why not let it help you with your home design projects?

HUKAYA Home lets you stay involved throughout the entire process of designing a space. Its 2D and 3D images let you see how your ideas really look, while other features give you a cost estimate and put you in touch with professionals. Designing a new room or home can be time consuming and stressful, but it’s also a lot of fun. This design app lets you devote more energy to what’s enjoyable about planning a new space.

A one-month subscription to the HUKAYA Home web-based design app costs $37.35. You can order it on Indiegogo. Would you use a design app to help create your dream home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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