JoJo Fletcher Has a PSA For Home Renovators

JoJo Fletcher, home renovator and former Bachelorette star, has some advice for those looking to renovate or remodel a new space during the ongoing pandemic: prioritize planning and start early.

Facing backorders and shipping delays on her two ongoing projects, Fletcher says the pandemic has taught her patience and an understanding that everyone in the design industry is experiencing the same waiting game.

“Everything is so backordered,” she says. “I’ve been currently remodeling two houses and typically, I would give myself ‘X’ amount of months to get my appliances in, but now there are lead times up to 24 to 44 weeks and that comes with everything: appliances, furniture, materials.”

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This is the first time that Fletcher is working on simultaneous projects without a team, but her fiancé Jordan Rodgers has played a big role in helping out. “Jordan is actually a great counterpart,” she reveals. “He’s started to love doing those two with me, so I would love for there in the future being able to take on multiple projects at once.”

Rodgers joins Fletcher to co-host Cash Pad, a house-flipping show on CNBC where the couple helps homeowners turn their properties into profitable short-term or vacation rentals. Prior to the show, Fletcher mainly focused on gutting, remodeling, and listing properties, but she’s discovered newfound love for decorating.

“Recently with Cash Pad, I got the chance to put my design hat on and furnish things, and I found that I love that so much,” she says.

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Fletcher maintains that investing in real estate is something anyone can do. The 30-year-old studied pre-med in school but stumbled upon home design when she built the home she lived in college. She eventually purchased her first property and decided she would remodel it, shadowing contractors along the way.

Location and knowing your finances is key to determining whether a project is a worthwhile investment to flip, she stresses. “You want to find a home that has good bones that isn’t going to cost you tons and tons and tons of money. It’s really about doing your due diligence, knowing the property, and understanding the issues that it currently has and the potential that is has.”

Fletcher is currently promoting the e-commerce marketplace Mercari, her go-to site to sell items she no longer needs in her Dallas home. She recommends decluttering your space sooner rather than later―a task she didn’t prioritize previously because of constant moving and travel.

“If you can do an assessment maybe every six months or whatever that timeframe is for you, that’s ideal,” she advises. “Maybe if you’re somebody that likes to redecorate a little more often, replace an item try and let an item go that you maybe no longer have a space for, or relocate it to a new space.”

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