Lawn hack: Use sugar to ‘improve the health’ of your grass for summer – ‘boosts greenness’

Sugar is natural, affordable, and accessible, so it’s unsurprising that many gardeners use it alongside planting grass seeds to make lawns greener and thicker. However, gardening experts do urge us to use this unconventional gardening hack sparingly. Here’s what gardeners need to know before they bring this cupboard staple out of their kitchen and into their garden.

Whether gardeners are looking for ways to get rid of weeds using an organic product – or they want to boost their lawn’s health, putting sugar on the lawn could be the solution they seek.

The best looking gardens often begin with healthy, green grass and gardeners can improve its condition with sugar, according to one expert.

Lindsey Hyland, the Founder of Urban Organic Yield, said: “Sugar will help break down thatch, the layer of dead grass, and other organic material that can accumulate on your lawn over time.

“This thatch can make it difficult for new grass to grow, but using sugar on your lawn can help break it down and improve the health of your lawn.”

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She said: “Weeds tend to thrive in environments with access to sunlight and moisture, and by using sugar on your lawn, you can make it less hospitable for these weeds.”

Lindsey is not exclusive in her observation. Bill Glaser similarly recommends putting sugar on the lawn to limit weed growth.

He explained that while sugar doesn’t kill weeds directly, it does encourage microbe development that enriches the soil.

The expert said: “This allows the grass to overtake invasive plant species.”