Missouri Valley Master Gardeners’ Lawn And Garden Tour Saturday | Community

The Missouri Valley Master Gardeners are hosting five lawns at their annual Lawn and Garden Tour Saturday, June 25, from 8 a.m.-noon. This year’s offerings are unique, well-planned and offer definite curb appeal for the observer as well as enthusiastic homeowners and their families.

Guests should register for the tour at the Riverview Reformed Church, 1700 Burleigh Street Saturday morning (Registration is from 8-11:30 a.m. with the lawn tours to take place from 8 a.m.-noon). A suggested $15 donation includes the registration for the tour, a tour guide, answers to questions regarding the process and a salad lunch following the tour. There will be a plant sale in the parking lot of the church. The money earned will go toward community projects the Master Gardeners complete for various groups in the Yankton and surrounding area.

We have selected lawns and gardens for this tour that show fantastic curb appeal and organized planting arrangements. The master gardeners are grateful to the five homeowners for sharing their yards.

Several of the homeowners stated that when they moved into their homes, they started “with a blank canvas.” All these lawns offer so many areas for the families to enjoy the outdoors and the view it offers.

One yard on the lawn tour is that of Aaron and Jaime Ness. They refer to their yard as a “blank canvas” when they built their home in 2017. They value outdoor living, so they thought out their yard for “optimal enjoyment with family and friends.” This is very apparent with their variety of perennials including easy to care for hydrangeas and hibiscus plants, etc.

The Ness lawn connects to the Jerod and Ashley Ibarolle lawn. The Ibarolles give credit to the former owners of their backyard to creating their “backyard gem.” Their backyard is an oasis filled with trees, shrubs, and a special area their children call their own “fairy garden.” A stone path meanders through the hill among Russian Cypress trees, ground covering, hydrangeas, Siberian Iris, Plantain Lilies, and petunias (to add color). A variety of trees offer shade, privacy and an incredible color show during the fall.

Moving down the road from Ibarolle’s home, the Don and Pam Kettering home was built by the homeowners in 2002 and during the first years, they planted the yard and started to develop a garden. They replaced their grass with a Fescue blend to save water during dry years. They built a water feature in the circular drive. They have expanded their garden area and are working on adding drip irrigation. A large number of rocks relocated from area farmers and gravel pits have been placed to reduce weeding over the past years.

Two other homes will be featured on the 2022 Tour of Lawns within the Yankton proper. One lawn is in the street directly behind the Yankton High School and has multiple flower beds outside and within the fence of their backyard. Ron and Deb Kachena have 50-plus perennial varieties — most of which bloom in the spring and summer.

The last lawn on the 2022 Tour of Lawns is Ellen Slowey’s yard and garden. Ellen and her husband purchased their home ten years ago and have been enhancing their yard ever since that time. This yard was another “blank slate” when the couple started on it and now have many features to provide for their enjoyment. Multiple plants are enriched by “garden art” that she obtains in a variety of ways: shopping for some, painting others and creating still others.