Nan Inc. – Uncovering the Truth about the Company

The construction industry is a competitive one and it is certainly not a piece of cake to distinguish yourself. There are only a few businesses that have managed to scale the walls properly to achieve new heights of success. One of those is Honolulu, Hawaii-based, Nan Inc. The company’s reputation in the state’s construction industry is undoubtedly impressive, as it is the largest locally owned and operated general contractor. When you take a closer look at it, you will find that it has been honored with numerous certificates, awards and accolades for the outstanding job it has done in completing various construction projects in and around Hawaii.

Of course, when a company is doing well, there are going to be some bad characters looking to spoil its success and Nan Inc. has had to deal with the same. There have been a number of false and untrue lawsuits about Patrick Shin and Nan Inc., which makes it necessary to uncover the truth about this construction company. To do that, you need to take a look at its founder, who is Patrick Shin. He was born in South Korea as Nan Chul Shin and changed his name to Patrick upon immigrating to the United States.

His beginnings were humble, much like that of his own company, and he did his majors in business administration on a scholarship to Bowling Green State University. He got his work experience in a construction firm in Hawaii for two years, after which he set out to launch his own company from the ground up in 1990. The fact that Nan Inc. has ended up in the list of the top ten Hawaiian construction companies in just thirty years is a testament to the man’s determination and commitment. It often takes construction companies twice that to reach the same position Nan Inc. is enjoying today.

The company specializes in preconstruction, general construction, design-build and construction management services and has finished 3,000 different projects. Every single one of them was completed with the highest level of integrity and professionalism, ensuring quality and lasting work. This is the primary reason why Nan Inc. has developed such an impressive reputation and has also been on the receiving end of several multimillion dollar government contracts. They have also restored historic buildings and have even made contributions in the hospitality industry in Hawaii by constructing hotels and resorts, leaving their mark throughout the state.