Real estate development firm to provide affordable senior housing to Valdosta community

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) – Valdosta is working to provide more affordable senior housing, with the help of a South Georgia real estate development firm.

The latest project, The Ashbury Apartments, was recently completed.

The president of IDP Properties said there is a large need for senior housing in Valdosta and rural communities in general.

They’re on a mission to help meet those needs.

The latest project, The Ashbury Apartments, was recently completed.
The latest project, The Ashbury Apartments, was recently completed.(WALB)

“Because there’s a lot of people getting older and there’s not a lot of places for them to stay that allows them to be independent without having to take care of the exterior of the home, the maintenance, with health care, people living longer, they need a place where they can stay and feel comfortable,” Rhett Holmes, DP Properties president, said.

The Ashbury Apartments, located on North Ashley Street, provides residents with many unique features. Including a wellness center, where residents can get a healthcare check-up.

They’ve partnered with organizations that can come in and provide the service.

There’s also a community garden and arts and entertainment amenities.

There’s a total of 76 units and offers one, two- and three-bedroom options.

The Ashbury Apartments is a new complex in Valdosta.
The Ashbury Apartments is a new complex in Valdosta.(WALB)

It helps if grandparents have to take care of grandkids or if they have caretakers.

“The affordable housing is not just providing housing, it’s providing hope, it’s providing special services, it’s providing needs and it does make a huge difference in the community,” said Holmes.

The location was also an important factor.

Holmes said the fact that the apartments are near the hospital, pharmacies and other amenities make it helpful for future residents.

Collaborating with the community and city, between planning, financing to construction, the project took about three years.

The City of Valdosta welcomed the new apartment complex to town and is happy about all the good its opening will provide to the area.

“It warms our heart because we get to see the residents so happy. Just hearing them talk about having a home where people care about them. It’s not just a house, it’s a community,” said Holmes.

The property is already a little over 50% occupied. The leasing office is accepting applications for those who qualify.

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