Reveal of brand new family home in Daybreak, Utah set to stun homebuyers

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. The De Visser’s are finally moving into their new custom home in Daybreak, Utah. The home-build has been a labor of love for Fieldstone Homes. Combining all their knowledge and expertise in the home-building process and focusing on making a BOLD statement in every project, Fieldstone Homes delivered a small Utah family their own little masterpiece. From the floors, walls, and ceilings, to the fixtures and the cabinets, to the spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, Fieldstone designers made sure to take a BOLD but informed approach to the design.

Despite the many design options bursting from their pockets, Fieldstone Homes maintains its industry-leading commitment and focus to the word, ‘custom home’ that guarantees the client isn’t just happy, they’re downright elated. Sean and Kiley De Visser are perfect examples! Their brand-new home is anchored by a dazzling kitchen, eye-catching exterior, and is located in one of Fieldstone Homes’ aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully laid-out communities.

The exterior of The De Visser’s home, built by Fieldstone Homes.

For example, the De Visser’s took center plate on design efforts in the kitchen – an area determined was essential to the flow of the home. The kitchen turned out to be immaculate, featuring high-end stainless steel appliances, streaking marble countertops, and a wooden center island painted a deep muted blue. Sean and Kiley were informed and consulted during the entire design process. This level of customer choice and involvement made it easy for the De Visser’s to build an exact match of their dream home best-suited to their budding family in the years to come.