Smart Kitchens: The Rise of Technology in Kitchen Design.

As our modern lives become busier than ever, our kitchens are getting smarter and more efficient. Kitchen design these days is not just about colors, textures materials, and style, it is also about lifestyle. While it is exciting to think the future of kitchen design will look like an episode of the Jetson’s, the reality is quite different. Dinner won’t cook itself yet, but many of these advances will make your kitchen experience easier and more sustainable.

What will a typical “future kitchen” will look like? It starts with many basic elements like cabinets, pullout garbage and recycle bins full of functional inserts remaining mainly the same. Homeowners usually gravitate towards spaces and materials that provide basic function and classic style. The most significant advancements will be found in the technology that will support our lifestyle in the kitchen. Here are some of the more important kitchen technology trends shaking up the word of design.

Cooking & Storing Food

The future of stove cooking lies in interactive induction, which uses magnetic components hidden underneath the cooktop to heat pots and pans. Instead of just heating the bottom of the pan, induction heating heats the entire pot, making your food cook faster and more even. Pots will be able to be placed anywhere on the cooking surface and not in just one heating area. Additionally, an overhead projector will beam recipes or cooking information straight onto the countertop.

When it comes to cold food storage, manufactures will continue to push the limits with the capabilities of your refrigerator. We expect to see facilitation of individual cooling zones, keeping goods stored at optimal temperatures. We also expect the future of fridges will include keeping track of what’s inside too, with even less human interface needed by way of sensors and barcodes on the inside.

Going Green

If there’s one future kitchen focus that will have the most significant impact, it’s the emphasis on less waste. The focus of sustainable “future kitchens” will include things like taking discarded water from sinks and dishwashers and dividing it into safe and unsafe water to be used to water plants. Attention will also be on food waste, so expect food composters to be on the top of the design trends. When it comes to your small appliances we anticipate them sticking around but becoming more compact therefore taking up a lesser footprint.

Countertop Conundrum

Most homeowners have very strong opinions when it comes to countertops, and for good reason! While granite and marble have always been popular kitchen countertop choices, the recent rise in quartz and porcelain might give us a hint at how kitchens of the future may look. Engineered quartz is a popular choice because it combines the best that man and nature have to offer. By combining natural quartz and resins to create a material with the same strength of granite but better impact resistance, it’s no surprise quartz has become such a popular option. Another perk to quartz is it doesn’t have to be sealed as granite does. The second material we expect to see more of in kitchen design is porcelain. Unlike quartz, porcelain can’t be scratched, burned or stained. It also doesn’t show fingerprints! Expect to see quartz and porcelain tops as front-running materials in kitchens of the future.

The future of kitchen design is bright! With the constant evolution of technology you will continue to see smart and sustainable additions to kitchens near you. Your future kitchen awaits you at E.W. Kitchens. To get started, visit