Spot 5 Differences Between These Two Identical Looking Living Room Pictures In 30 Seconds!

There are a lot of optical illusions and brain teasers circulating the internet these days. Even word puzzles like Wordle and Quordle have made netizens go crazy. But do you think any brain exercise can be better than spotting differences between two identical-looking images? 

This is what excites the brain to its limit and tests the eye-brain coordination of many people. 

These exercises are no optical illusions or brain teasers but surely give you the rush for the day. It also gives a sense of achievement if you find all the differences within the stipulated time. 

Spot atleast 5 differences between the two pictures of the living room within 30 seconds. We understand that 30 seconds may seem lesser to many, but that is the challenge. 

Take a look at the pictures below. You only have 30 seconds.

Spot the Difference: Look at the Image For 30 Seconds

Who does not like a warm cosy living room? We guess the artist wanted to paint them exactly identical but missed a few spots.

We understand that it is not easy to find the differences within 30 seconds, but we must also tell you that it is only 20% of the world population of humans that has the cognitive skill developed enough to do so. Do you have such skills? 

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Check below. 

Spot the difference: Hints 

Alright, so here are some clues to help you spot the differences:

  1. Check the Curtains: 

Starting from above is a good option. Check the curtains here and you will see hoops in one image and no hoops in the other. Wonder how those are still hanging?  

spot the difference

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  1. Now look a bit lower and check if they are tied in the same way or not? 

spot the difference

No? Well, there you have the difference. However, both appeal to the eye similarly.

  1. Check the vase in which the flowers are there. 

spot the difference

The vases are of different colours, not the flowers. One may miss that difference in flow. 

  1. Paintings on the walls on the left are both fruits:

spot the difference

The paintings are both fruits but are different fruits. One is orange and the other is strawberry. 

  1. Check on the right wall as well. Since the paintings on the left wall do not match, your reflex should have been to check the right wall instantly. 

spot the difference

There you go! You found all the differences between the two images above. 

We will come back with other brain exercises soon. Till then you may find these interesting. 

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