The 10 Best Garden Hose Reels 2021


Spending as little as $20 can save you from the backbreaking task of uncoiling and winding up your garden hose. Garden hose reels range from simple, powder-coated metal options to carts with hand cranks that can be rolled around a large lawn. They’re more than worth the expense—plus they can extend the life of a hose, which is more likely to crimp and leak if stored on the garage floor. If you’re sold on the idea, read on for recommendations that work for a variety of needs and outdoor spaces.

What to Consider

Unless you’re planning to buy a new garden hose, the one you have will determine the capacity of the reel you should get. Most can accommodate standard garden hoses that are 100 feet or more, and some of the larger reels can handle hoses up to 300 feet. Next up is where you’re planning to put the hose reel. There are stationary wall-mounted or ground-stake reels, portable carts to store in the shed, and resin boxes that sit on the patio and keep hoses completely hidden. Most hose reels require some manual elbow grease, and there are also more expensive retractable hose reels. Features are specific to styles. For example, wall-mounted options can have wire baskets for holding gardening gloves and tools, hose guides, and swivels.

How We Chose

We cover top-rated garden hose reels with ratings of four stars or more, and the majority of our picks have an average 4.5-star rating or higher. We combed through countless customer reviews and our selection includes all the most common hose reels. We also offer choices across price points, from inexpensive to high end, along with reels in a range of capacities.

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The Basic Reel

Yard Butler Garden Hose Reel

Yard Butler


It’s hard to go wrong with this garden hose reel if you want something basic and affordable that gets the job done. 

Priced at $18 at the time of this writing, this 12-gauge powder-coated steel reel has a strong double-screw mount and can hold up to 100 feet of a standard 5/8-inch hose. Customers give it high marks, with an average 4.7 stars from more than 3,900 reviewers—plus it comes in three pastel springtime colors, in addition to the classic green that’s shown.


A Step Up

Aqua Joe Garden Hose Reel Stand

You’ll get even more bang for your buck with this free standing garden hose reel, also made of heavy-gauge steel. This option features a brass spigot for extending a hose’s connection to give you better access if the spigot is in an awkward, hard-to-reach spot on your house. 

It stands roughly 3.5 feet high and anchors securely in the ground with two stakes. The reel can hold garden hoses up to 125 feet long and comes in tan and white, along with steel gray.


Resin Wall-Mount

Suncast Garden Hose Reel



This wall-mounted option can handle up to 200 feet of a standard vinyl 5/8-inch hose. The garden hose reel is made from durable resin, with reinforced connections to eliminate drips and leaks and a small shelf on top to hold gardening gloves or anything you don’t want to lose in the yard while you work. It’s available in neutral taupe and can be mounted to the side of the house or the inside the garage.


Metal Wall-Mount

Liberty Garden Multi-Directional Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Products


$141.10 (41% off)

If you want a garden hose reel with style, this one is an excellent choice. The 18-gauge steel, industrial reel is powder-coated in bronze so it’ll hold up to the elements, and features a pull-up knob to rotate the reel 360 degrees, plus a solid brass swivel. There’s also a small wire basket attached to the side for stowing pocket items. It holds up to 125 feet of a standard 5/8-inch hose and comes fully assembled, which is a bonus, but there’s no mounting hardware included.


Best for Small Yards

Birdrock Home Garden Hose Reel

Birdrock Home


This rustic garden hose reel is perfect if you have a tiny yard or can’t mount one on the side of your house. It serves the practical purpose of keeping your space tidy and also looks attractive, accented with an embossed metal diamond pattern and a bronze finish. The center post is removable for uncoiling the hose easily, and there’s a hole on the side for snaking it through. It may appear small, but it holds standard 5/8-inch hoses up to 100 feet long.


Great for Large Yards

XtremepowerUS Garden Hose Reel Cart



Anyone with a spacious backyard will appreciate a garden hose reel cart. This handsome choice can handle standard 5/8-inch hoses that are well over 200 feet, made of steel with a green  powder-coated finish to prevent rust. It features 10-inch wheels and steel axles, along with a foam-padded handle on top and a rubber handle on the large hand crank. There’s also a wire basket that’s spacious enough to hold gardening gloves, plus a handful of tools.


The Retractable Reel

Giraffe Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Giraffe Tools


$189.99 (17% off)

This is the most expensive pick on our list, but you can’t beat the convenience of a retractable option to prevent the hose—and your back—from kinking. There’s a 130-foot hybrid hose coiled up inside that’s abrasion-resistant to ward off leaks and the reel features nine spray modes plus 180-degree rotation. The flexible hose locks length and the entire piece can be lifted out of the mount for storage.


The Vintage-Style Reel

Liberty Garden Guide Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Products


For a decorative hose reel that truly stands out, look no further than this option from Liberty Garden. It has tons of vintage appeal, crafted from cast aluminum with a nickel powder-coated finish for protecting it against rust and hard-water stains. 

It holds up to 125-feet of a standard 5/8-inch hose and the guide loop in front keeps it from getting twisted while unrolling, plus there’s a wide shelf on top to set down gardening gloves and tools. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with mounting hardware. 


Best With Ground Stakes

TomCare Garden Hose Reel



This option is great for anyone who doesn’t want to drill holes on the side of the house or take up patio space. Made from rustproof metal with a simple design, the garden hose reel has three sharp stakes to stand firm in the ground, plus the top piece detaches from the base if you want to store the coiled hose in the garage. Choose from matte silver or the black that’s shown.


Best For Hiding The Hose

Suncast Hideaway Garden Hose Reel



If you want to keep your garden hose out of sight, this sturdy box is the solution. It’s made of resin so it won’t fade or rust, and it’s designed to protect and accommodate standard 5/8-inch vinyl hoses up to 225 feet long. 

The reel features a guide loop in front for tangle-free, hassle-free unrolling, an accessory tray inside for garden gloves and small tools, plus it comes fully assembled. More than 175 reviewers give it an average 4.6 stars.

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