The 8 Best Sprinklers for Your Lawn and Garden 2021


If you’re tired of using a handheld hose nozzle to irrigate your grass, landscaping, or garden, then you might want to invest in one of these sprinklers to do the job for you. These handy little contraptions are much more convenient than manually spraying, and unlike underground sprinkler systems that require professional installation and digging, will connect straight to your garden hose. Some are even designed to be daisy-chained together, so you can purchase multiple units and cover larger lawns and gardens. If you want even more convenience, consider purchasing an automatic timer that can connect straight to your hose spigot.

What to Consider

The most important thing to take into account when choosing a sprinkler is what size area you’ll be using them with. Most options provide a rough idea of their diameter they can reach, so take the time to figure out these measurements before you make your purchase. You’ll also want to consider how much you’ll be able to customize the shape, width or strength of its spray path. If you know you only want to target a specific part of your garden, or an area of newly seeded grass, then make sure to choose a sprinkler that allows you to focus the stream on that area.

How We Selected

When curating this list of sprinklers, we made sure to include a good mix of options to choose from. This included bare-bones models for those who just want a hassle-free tool, to versatile sprinklers that allow for precise control and customization. Within these types, we also did our best to choose a mix of styles that we felt were most beneficial to the average homeowner, including rotating, oscillating, and impact sprinklers. We also tried to include a range of prices for all of our picks, so regardless of your budget, you should be able to find an option that works for you.

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Best Overall

Aqua Joe AJ-OMS20 Oscillating Sprinkler

Aqua Joe


The hose connection is typically the point where most sprinklers tend to fail, which is why we appreciate the durable zinc fitting of this Aqua Joe model. It allows you to hook up your garden hose securely, without worrying about cracking or snapping off a plastic connection. The brass nozzle heads are also a nice perk, and are more likely to stand up to heavy use than plastic versions. 

Plus, the included clean-out tool makes it easy to unclog any buildup in the nozzles. Its heavy metal base—3.24 pounds—provides a nice and sturdy foundation, and helps prevent wobbly or uneven operation.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Controls are easy to use



Eden 94112 Sprinkler

Our favorite feature of this model is its quick-connect mechanism, and the fact that it conveniently includes three adapters. These adapters can be attached to the sprinkler, as well as other Eden tools, like hose nozzles and wands. 

The water-stop feature also cuts down on water waste, allowing you to keep the faucet open while you switch between tools — without water spraying everywhere. This sprinkler also features three switches on each side of the unit, allowing you to precisely control the spray size and strength of its 18 nozzles, making it suitable for both small and large yards.

  • Weighted base
  • Leakproof connector
  • All-plastic construction is less durable than metal options


Best Hassle-Free Option

GrowGreen GG-LS001 Sprinkler



If you’re looking for a basic 360-degree sprinkler at a rock-bottom price, this GrowGreen model might be a perfect fit. It doesn’t have as many functions or settings as some of our other choices, but its straightforward design and operation makes it a hassle-free option. It covers 32.8 feet of lawn, and features a weighted base to keep it upright. Plus, its 360-degree spray makes it great for cooling down youngsters on hot summer days. 

It’s not the most durable option out there, but if you’re just looking for a no-frills sprinkler, this could be a great choice.

  • Quick-connect adaptor
  • 3600 sq. ft of coverage
  • Lacks additional spray settings


Best Tripod Model

Orbit 58308Z Brass Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base

It’s not the cheapest option on our list, but the durable brass construction and stable tripod design of this sprinkler could make it worth the price. 

Its tripod can be extended to an impressive 48 inches high, but also conveniently folds up to just 15 inches in length. Each of the legs can also be adjusted independently, which allows you to place it on uneven ground or a hillside. Its 5-pound weight is nice and heavy, making this an especially sturdy option. The hose attachment can swivel to whichever position is best for your hose, and the gasket and brass connection make for a solid fit.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to set up
  • Can spray up to 90 feet
  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for small areas


Best for Connecting Multiple Units

Eden 94122 Garden Sprinkler

We love the versatility of this little sprinkler, which features 6 different spray patterns to choose from, as well as a rotational range of 5 to 360 degrees. By allowing you to precisely control the location and shape of the output, you can customize this model to a wide range of lawn shapes and sizes, as well as reduce water waste. 

Twin ports on the unit let you connect multiple units — up to three — making it possible to cover more yard space than typical sprinklers. A convenient filter inside the unit prevents dirt or other sediment from damaging or clogging the spray nozzles.

  • Includes 2 quick-connect adaptors
  • Durable metal sled
  • Easy to use


Best Heavy-Duty Option

Melnor 65118 Oscillating Sprinkler

This durable workhorse is designed to take a licking and keep on ticking, thanks to its metal frame, oscillating arm, and brass nozzles. It doesn’t have as many control settings as other models, but we’ve found that the fewer pieces, the better when it comes to durability—and the minimal design of this sprinkler provides few opportunities to fail. 

A washable sieve fits into the hose port too, helping to catch any debris before it can enter the unit. If they do become clogged, a handy cleaning tool is stored in the end of the sprinkler itself, so you won’t have to worry about losing it.

  • 4000 sq. ft coverage
  • Quiet operation
  • Limited spray customization


Best Low-Budget Option

Orbit 58019N Impact Sprinkler

If you prefer the convenience and small footprint of an impact sprinkler, this Orbit model might be just what you’re looking for. It features a zinc spike for plunging into your lawn or turf, ensuring that it won’t shift or flop over like other models. This sprinkler doesn’t offer any additional spray settings, but it does allow you to easily adjust its coverage range with a deflector shield and diffuser screw mechanism. 

You can use this sprinkler alone, or combine it with multiple units to cover an extra-large area. The spike design does make it less convenient to move around the yard, so keep that in mind.

  • 42-foot radius
  • Anti-backsplash arm
  • Not ideal for small lawns


Best Spike Option

Melnor 65031 Sprinkler

It might be a bit intimidating to look at, but this Melnor model is actually fairly simple to use, and with its four adjustment settings, could be a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile spike sprinkler. The bright yellow control tabs are easy to see, and offer straightforward operation whether you want to change the width, range, strength, or direction of its water stream. The limited lifetime warranty is also a nice perk, and the quick connect mechanism lets you quickly switch between other Melnor tools without having to turn the faucet off.

  • Sturdy spike design
  • Lightweight

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