The Best Ways to Keep Your RV or Motorhome Secure and Safe from Intruders

To seasoned or new motorhome/RV owners, the eventuality of the car getting stolen can seem unlikely. Unfortunately, RV thefts do happen, and it is increasingly common.

Although RV thefts are normally carried out by professionals who are looking to sell the parts for profit, thieves can be drawn by the fact that the home on wheels is made to be just that.

RV thefts happen to be popular at home, while most possession-based break-occur when traveling.

This makes it more important to look for ways to keep your RV safe from intruders. Some of the best ways that experts at Furrion suggest you implement include:

  1. Choose the Best Security System

It is important to invest your money in the right security system for your RV. Mostly, keeping your motorhome or RV secure and safe is a small price for the peace of mind you want.

Most motorhome owners enjoy the security of the best RV backup camera system and motion detector.

When you park your RV at the driveway, a motion detector can detect objects, such as animals, people, and animals. At the same time, the backup camera system will bring surround viewing abilities to your motorhome and get rid of blind spots.

  2. Close Shades or Blinds on Your Windows

Window shades or blinds help preserve privacy while keeping everyone from seeing inside the RV and taking the inventory of your things.

After all, you will likely have cameras, e-readers, MP3 players, electronic games, smartphones, computers, tablet devices, and all the items which might tempt thieves to break in.

  3. Lock the Doors

This can seem like a given, but you might get surprised at how many individuals don’t see the importance of locking the doors of their RVs.

Whether you are stepping out of the camper to stop by the campsite office or think that the park you stay in is too safe for theft, don’t leave the doors of your RV unlocked.

Most burglaries are just crimes of convenience. If thieves notice that your RV door is not locked, they may take the opportunity to take your things.

Similar to the RV backup camera system, locking the door means the intruders must risk breaking in and making a scene. In most cases, they won’t dare. So locking the doors of your RV will deter anyone who wants to take advantage of your absence.

  4. Make the RV Undrivable

Like most new motorhome owners, ensure you make the front seats of your RV swivel. When you leave the RV, turn both the seats around and lock them using a chain.

This helps to stop anyone who wants to drive the RV. They will barely reach wheels, leave alone the pedals.

Alternatively, you may use the best Clutch Claw. This device usually locks the pedals together to ensure the RV is not driven.

  5. Change the Locks

Among the important things to ensure you improve the security and safety of your motorhome is to change its locks and replace them with a sturdier version.

Most companies use duplicate keys and a similar lock style. That means the cargo areas and doors will be accessible by the RV keys of other individuals.

Using a chain or wheel lock will help prevent the wheel from turning and prevent the motorhome from getting stolen.

  6. Install Alarms

You can install a perfect alarm system for an extra layer of security, which comes with an internal movement sensor and sensors on the garage doors, habitation doors, cab doors, and windows. You may set the alarm on the sleep mode to enable you to move inside without setting the system off.

Otherwise, it can be very loud, making you uncomfortable as you sleep inside. But modern alarms come with panic buttons, enabling users to manually set them off.

  7. Pretend As If You Are There

Keep your motorhome looking-lived when you are not inside. The best way to do this is to leave the lights on timers. Consider choosing timers with a random setting to ensure intruders don’t detect the pattern.

If you are going to be away for a short period, leave your TV or radio on. Ensure it is loud enough to ensure it is heard outdoors. But if you will be away for a while, use electronic devices, which simulate the flicker and lights of a TV. This will give intruders an impression that you are around.

Ensure to also avoid leaving a message on the answering machine, which shows you are away. Some intruders will phone ahead so as to determine whether you are around or not.

If all these ways don’t seem convenient for you, ask one of your trusted neighbors to watch the motorhome. You may leave the spare key with your neighbor to check it daily to ensure everything inside is intact.

  8. Add Lights

This goes hand-in-hand with outdoor cameras. You may consider programming a few security systems so as to act in a specific way when a certain event happens.

For instance, when your motion sensors detect any movement, the lights will turn on to make the cameras start recording or filming.

Lights serve as strong deterrents, whether as stand-alone items or part of bigger security systems. The act of switching on the lights is enough to send intruders away.

  9. Keep the Identification Information Safe

The first thing you need to do once you buy an RV is to log and take pictures and its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to document the ownership.

However, it is great idea to put identifying marks in the inconspicuous location. This can be a paint marking, decal, or engraving.

With this, you may let law enforcement authorities know about other distinguishing markings, which make it simple for them to identify your RV when recovered.

Final Say!

RVs parked at home are safe in general. But burglaries and thefts may still happen anywhere and anytime. It is not that there is a higher level of security in some places than others. Rather, burglars find it difficult to sneak around rows of parked motorhomes without getting noticed. Regardless of the rarity, you need to take extra precautions to protect your RV.