The Ups and Downs of a DIY Kitchen Project

The pandemic turned us into our own kitchen installers. Exploring this new home renovation project, I did some quick math to understand that we could save a bundle by installing our own cabinets. 

“Doing our own work will be easy,” I told my husband. “It isn’t brain surgery.” 

Had the pandemic lifted, this endeavor probably would have never happened. But we were working and living together, just the two of us, 24 hours a day. Never in our lives has this occurred. After three months of consideration, my husband agreed to the project. We joked about pitching a TV show called Badass Designers. That was very premature. 

I sought help from the Home Decorators Collection website, and followed the directions posted. I tediously made measurements in our kitchen and then developed a fluid relationship with the young designer named Eric on the other end of my emails and phone calls. Working with a kitchen designer wasn’t very different from working with the designers who create these pages for Columbus Monthly Home & Garden and affiliated magazines.