Tips for garden, lawn care in September

September is nearly here and so is the promise of cooler days and nights on the horizon. Because I grew up in the Northeast, this season always brought warm memories of harvests on our farm, color changes in the forest, and so many amazing smells ranging from apples to spices to decomposing leaves. In Florida, those changes are usually much less dramatic, but there are some benefits to being in a warmer climate and some ways to bring that autumn feel into your garden.

Plant while others are harvesting

Fall is harvest season for much of the country but in Florida, September is prime planting season. With vegetables, we have a large array of plants we can set out for a winter harvest with collards, cabbage, radish, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and many more that will thrive. It is even not too late to try to push through another round of cucumbers or summer squash. For great tips on vegetable gardening, see the Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide online at