Wisconsin girl photographs black bear peeping into Vesper home

Briahna Lang, 10, captured this photo of a black bear staring into her Vesper home this summer.

VESPER – A photo taken by a local 10-year-old and shared online this week of a close encounter with a black bear appearing to stare into her family’s home spurred a slew of reactions.

Some commenters shared descriptions and photos of their own black bear sightings, while others created comical captions about a telemarketer checking on the family’s extended vehicle warranty and referencing Yogi Bear and the Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers rivalry (and, yes, Aaron Rodgers, the bear was asking about you!).

Briahna Lang of Vesper was at her Oak Road home earlier this summer when she said her sister noticed the bear and alerted her and their mom. And there it was, outside the patio window eating her mom’s flowers, Briahna said.

Her mom, Megan, yelled for Briahna to grab her phone to get a photo of the backyard intruder.